Event Guide

Here we provide the attendees with official information on how to access the event in the underline system.


How to log in to underline

An email with a password creating link has been distributed by Underline to make it easy for first time users of Underline to create the password for their respective accounts (named by email addresses).  

When you are logged into your account on Underline this is the link to the 2020 event reception page: https://underline.io/events/127/reception 


If you did not receive an invitation the password can also be created by following the instructions:

  1. Visit Underline’s home page https://underline.io/  
  2. Click “create account” located in the upper right-hand corner of the page
  3. Fill in name & email address and click “next” (leading to “Create your password” page)
  4. Create the password per the stated password setting rules, followed by clicking “next”
  5. The browser will prompt checking the email inbox and activate the Underline account. 
  6. Remember the password because that is needed to log in the Underline website.

In case your Underline account has not been authorized to access the WASH event, please report the issue by emailing support@underline.io 

Attendees' Quick Guide

  • To join the Main stage, just click on the icon Main stage in the left bar
  • Questions for the Main stage discussion can be posted in the Q&A section on the right-hand side
  • Chat pane can be used to share thought with other attendees during the live Main stage lecture
  • Live sessions are tagged “live”. Targeted sessions can be found via the menu item “schedule” or “sessions”. The “sessions” page also includes a “search lectures” tool located in the upper right-hand corner. 
  • The event help desk includes a link to a live person answering questions

Event Locations

Main Stage

Main Stage serves as the official ceremonial place for opening and closing sessions. 

Access it here:

Zoom Rooms

Zoom Rooms are where all the presentation sessions will take place. Follow the links available in the schedule for each session.


Gather Town is the place to socialize and discuss with all attendees. Find authors of papers that caught your interest and discourse on various topics.

How Main stage sessions will run

All sessions are accessible from event’s schedule or sessions tabs: https://underline.io/events/127/reception 


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